Monday Mantra: What Traffic Taught Me

This Monday Mantra is brought to you by traffic. Yes traffic—bumper to bumper—late for work—traffic. But more importantly, a lesson I’m learning from my time spent in traffic.

When it comes to traffic I have a habit. Instead of sitting and waiting the 10-15 minutes in a line full of break lights, without fail I will take the first exit I can.

I do this every. single. time.

That’d be fine, except (every. single. time.) my detour takes me just as long, or usually longer, than it would’ve if I just stayed the course. Half the time I don’t even know where I’m going when I make my exit, I just turn myself around in circles because I feel better to be moving than sitting and waiting.

I’ve watched myself do this for a while now, and I’ve realized this habit goes far beyond traffic.

When it comes to my day to day routine, I’d rather just keep going toward something (whether I know where I’m going or not,) instead of seeing my current path through. Again this is fine, but it’s worth noticing.

Do I just take the path of least resistance? And, is that something I should pay attention to when making big decisions?

This week’s mantra is not about your traffic habits. This week’s mantra is about recognizing your patterns in your everyday mundane routine.

Does it matter that I avoid traffic and ultimately add more time onto my commute? Not necessarily. But it does matter if I continuously look for the easy way out just because I can’t stand to be patient for 15 minutes. What are your daily patterns telling you about your life?

What are you’re habits telling you this week? What patterns pop up in your days that could help give you insight into your deeper story?

Take a step back. Notice. Let your days, your habits, teach you. There’s only room to grow.



It starts small.