Monday Mantra: To Be With It

As you work on creating a life that is aligned there are a few daily practices that help. This week’s mantra focuses on one of those practices: attention. As any mindful maven knows, being present is the she-king of a mindfulness practice. Attention is an important component of presence. 

You can bring attention to situations in many ways: you can be reactive, active or inactive toward a situation. But it’s inactive attention that provides the most room for mindful growth.

Take your meditation practice for example, it’s all about being present which means that you are paying close attention to what you are doing. Your breath, your stillness, the quiet: all have a lot of attention directed their way. To simply be during your mediation is to not get wrapped up in a thought, to not immediately satisfy an urge and to let energy flow through your body without trying to control it.

Take yourself out of that meditation example now but stay in that mindset. As you go through your days this week, notice when you get reactive toward thoughts and urges. Instead of engaging with them right away, again let them be. When you grow your capacity to be without the need for immediate gratification of some sort you grow your own Self connection, intuition and inner strength.

Be with it. Flow with it. Let it pulse through your body and do what it wants to do without feeling the need to define or subdue it. Bring attention and then let it be.


Let it be with me. 

Let it flow through me. 

I am connected.

Have an attentive week!