Monday Mantra: On Your Own Time

As an empathetic person you take pride in the way you care for others. You take time to be a good friend, a thoughtful listener, and charitable. Yet, it’s important to examine if your empathy is getting in the way of accomplishing the personal goals you set for yourself. For this week’s mantra, I’m focussing on how kindness with our time impacts our manifestations.

Generosity and understanding is the foundation of peaceful coexistence. The work of a mindful person should always be grounded in gratitude and perspective. It’s your grasp on our oneness that keeps you whole and centered, but in a modern world you also have dreams, goals and deep desires. Those are important, too. In manifestation, a problem occurs when you consistently put another’s needs above your own. Yes, you’ve read the self help books, you know you are important, but do your actions align with your own personal intentions or can they constantly be connected to someone else’s agenda?


You’ve had “save money” on your to-do list 3 years in a row, yet every other month you find yourself out to eat or on a weekend getaway for another friend’s celebration. Yes, you still get something out of these experiences, but by constantly saying “yes” to everyone else you are putting another person’s priorities over your own. (over and over and over again)

Your actions, whether you realize it or not, are directly related to your self worth. You may say to yourself that you know your value but if you continuously are focused on other people’s plans you are placing their happiness over your own.

A hint of selfishness is key to living a balanced life in our modern world. (If that feels weird, I discussed that here.) Positive manifestation requires belief. You must believe deep in your core that you are worth what you are calling in, and then you have to be fierce with your actions. That means, saying no to the gal friends and the loving cousins, and saying yes to you.

If conviction for self is something you need to strengthen, try this mantra this week. And, if you are feeling real good in your manifestation magnetism… try this mantra anyway, you can always take it deeper.


I value my neighbor. I value myself.

I know deeply that my dreams

come from intention and self connection. 

I act fiercely toward my goals.

My actions are aligned with my intentions. 

I hold my own needs as dear as I do my friends.  

Have a great week!