Monday Mantra: The Sweetness of Seconds

There were 30 people at my family’s Thanksgiving dinner, which means that moments to myself were few and far between. At one point during the night I found myself in the basement putting a few of our serving dishes away. I stopped for a moment and listened to the sound of 30 of my closest family members talking, laughing and celebrating; it was my favorite moment of the weekend and a huge reminder that the sweetest, simplest parts of life are in the long seconds of the present.

Whenever I truly stop and soak in the seconds, it always shocks me to see just how long a still minute actually is and just how much magic (and struggle) can be tucked away into that time. The problem when slowing down to enjoy the seconds is that we tend to put pressure on that time. We get antsy quickly, we expect something to happen, and we analyze too much.

The true gift is when we can let go and just observe. Giving your attention to the slow moments in life can be extra beneficial as we enter into the holiday season; it gives you a chance to notice the people around you and the gifts that otherwise just seem like the norm. Here is your mantra this week. Slow down. Take the pressure off. Enjoy your moments.


Inhale. Exhale.

I put no pressure on a minute.

I just observe. 

My attention is on the sweetness of seconds. 

Inhale. Exhale.