Monday Mantra: The Mid-February Call to be Gentle

This was a great weekend. I got a lot done and enjoyed down time. But one thing I didn’t do (which I almost always do on the weekends) was write. I knew what I needed was a break—and instead of pushing through and writing because “I should,”  I took the time to do internal work and simply enjoy my Sunday in all the ways my presence was telling me I needed.

Turns out, this is quite the late-February pattern of mine. As I looked back at posts I wrote this time last year—and the year before—I found that both highlighted the same need. A break. A reminder to be gentle with myself. Permission to not be perfect.

So, here’s last year’s reminder to be gentle. I hope you can give yourself a break at some point this week, too.

“Be quiet my love, it’s okay to say nothing,” I say as I close my eyes and remind myself to be gentle.

So what is it to be gentle? Well, to be harsh is to care too much, to overthink, to push through something without a full thought—mostly it means that you’ve gone outside of yourself for affirmation. To be gentle on yourself is to release the need to please, (yourself or another,) and instead listen to the little parts of self that ask for quiet, solitude, and care.

Coming off a hard week and going into another I sit with the little time that is my own and I begin to write. I write because I love it, I write because you read it, I write because it fills me up. But today, I need a rest. So, I remind myself to recognize that. Instead of a long day banging fingers to a keyboard, I write this from my sweatpants and my bed and with a smile on my face.

As hard as it is, as guilty as we can feel when we don’t meet the expectations we have set in front of us, I listen to myself and my body today and I rest.

My wish for you is to throw away expectation. To hold yourself only to the standard that is directly in front on you, the one your body calls for, the one your mind craves.

When I am gentle with myself I am released. I am able to be—to be a human merely experiencing a moment without the need to impress. I am able to be. To be gentle on myself is to care for myself like I could care for my most loved sweetheart, it comes with ease, without guilt, and with pure love.

Monday Mantra:

Be quiet my love, it’s okay to say nothing. 

[She says to herself

as she takes a deep breath

and remembers to be gentle.]

And here’s the post from two years ago.

Have a happy & healthy week.