Monday Mantra: The Lessons I am Committing to in 2019

It’s the first Monday Mantra of the year (yay!) and I’m extra excited to share this post with you. This year, instead of making resolutions, I am committing to a set of lessons that I plan on digging into this year.

My lessons of the year come after some reflection. They are small (and big) patterns I see myself giving into over and over again.

This might sound scary or overwhelming, but really all I am doing is bringing attention to my behaviors. I might not necessarily “fix” them, but by committing to recognizing these patterns in myself, I am bringing awareness to what I might otherwise do without noticing. My hope is that I will understand the why behind these patterns a little better.

So, as you all are my witnesses and my partner’s in learning, here are the lessons I’m committing to this year. I hope they inspire you.

Be direct.

As an empath I am constantly aware of the other person’s feelings when I’m communicating. Though I don’t plan on disregarding others or being rude (obviously), I am committing to clearly stating what I mean—and more importantly what I need—when having conversations whether they’re heated or otherwise.

Tell the truth.

This goes directly with the one above. It’s easy for me to falter away from my inner truth in order to make a situation easier. This year, I plan on committing to understanding my inner truth so that I can properly express it and fight for it when I need to.

Set up support for myself.

For me, some of my biggest supporters are halfway across the country, which is great—but it means that I haven’t set up support for myself in the area that I live. It’s more vulnerable to seek out support from places and people that aren’t familiar, but I am committing to doing so this year.

What lessons do you want to commit to this year? Likely, something popped in your head the very second you read the sentence. Go with that thought. Or, take some time in reflection and ask yourself: “What can I get stronger at?” “What lesson will honor my highest self this year?”

I like this type of resolution because really what it is more than anything is committing to awareness. Just like we do week after week with our mantras and intentions, bringing awareness to our habits and behaviors helps us move through the world with more knowledge, understanding, and compassion. Here’s to your lessons of 2019.

This year I commit to lessons.

I bring awareness to my behaviors. 

I commit to (fill in the blank).

Have a happy & healthy week.