Monday Mantra: The Hover

Everyone who reads this site is a mindful gal, (even the guys). We value awareness, gratitude and self-exploration. We notice what’s going on around us, and take mental notes which means when the tough things come up, we have years of experience behind our belts to help us navigate through similar emotions in our present. I present to you, “the hover,” a technique to stay mindful in trigger situations and ground our reactions.

Ex: I tend to be quick to temper, I get wrapped up in situations and react before I give myself time to think. With my mindful meditation practice I have found an inner calm that keeps me grounded (most of the time) when something starts to freak me out. Instead of reacting quickly, I hover over the situation, almost as if I were watching myself from above; I am able to step back and ground myself toward a more mindful reaction.

Through our mindful meditation practice we can step into a situation or experience and change the story of the past. Say, you know that when you travel you get really excited but overwhelmed and exhausted, you can counter that by scheduling self-care into your travel plans.

The hover encourages us to work with and strengthen our connection to our highest selves, the You, with a capital “y”. This intimate work we do strengthening our trust in our inner voice allows us to slow down and sip in the present moment instead of breezing quickly through emotionally charged actions.

This week remember, you have the power because you know yourself. Try out the hover, strengthen your inner knowing.


I use my lessons of the past

for a calmer, more compassionate present.

I am open and empowered because

I know myself.