Monday Mantra: I Take Myself Out of Defense

It’s purely a coincidence that the week leading up to the Super Bowl the theme of the mantra is defense. But considering I am not an avid sports watcher and knowing you definitely didn’t come here for game advice—we’re talking defense off the field. It’s the defense that we take part in daily, without realizing it.

How long was it before you checked your email this morning? Your messages on social media? Your text messages? How long before you responded?

On a minute to minute basis, especially when engaging with modern technology, we are in constant defense mode. Think about it this way, when you’re responding to other people’s messages and questions, you are prioritizing their agenda, instead of your own. It’s their question, their answer, your time.

And its not just responding to people’s messages, it’s the response we have in our heads to what other people are sharing over the internet. That too, is their agenda, their time, and we are choosing to spend our time viewing, listening, and mentally responding to it. Sometimes it’s helpful, and sometimes it’s not.

Defense – I respond to you, I prioritize  your agenda

Offense – I protect my time, I prioritize my agenda

Now I’m not saying we should stop responding to people—obviously. But I would like us to shed light on the amount of time we spend daily responding to others.

Responding to another’s question can helpful, compassionate and an act of giving. But what if you thought about it like that? “My time and my response is an act of giving to someone else.” Just as you wouldn’t give all of your money to another, you can’t give all of your time either.

When you stand in offense mode, you’ve got the ball. You are directing your energy where you choose to put it in that moment. If you have awareness in those moments of offense, you are able to pursue your agenda and your goals.

Just as in a game, you need both—the offense and defense. But remind yourself, that you have the power to decide when you are in offense mode and when you are in defense mode. So this week, empower yourself to choose, empower yourself to make boundaries. It’s your time, use it with awareness.


I take myself out of constant defense. 

I use my time with awareness. 

I use offense to protect my time,

my energy, and my goals.

And then when I do respond to another,

I do so with intent, from a glass that is full. 

Have a happy & healthy week.