Monday Mantra: Suffering is Ok

Suffering. It’s a scary word. So scary in fact that most of us work hard to avoid it every day. We try to control situations to avoid failure or disappointment (suffering), we use positive mantras to keep us feeling happy (in light of suffering), and our greatest fears usually involve suffering.

It’s possible many of you even had aversion to reading the title of today’s post.

What if we could embrace suffering? Instead of hiding from it, trying to avoid it, and most importantly fearing it. Just as goals, achievements, and joyful moments are ours—so is our suffering. If we can sit with it, breathe with it, recognize it we just may be able to break free from it.

Or at least, live with less fear.

We’re taught that meditation helps us reduce suffering—or more it helps us remove ourselves from a state of suffering. But, to do that we have to first accept that suffering is there. It is a part of our lives and we can’t hide from it—hiding from it just causes more suffering.

By recognizing that suffering exists we aren’t controlled by the fear of our suffering. Though there are bound to be moments of suffering in our lives, 90% of our suffering is just the thought of future suffering. Recognizing that it exists can actually removes a lot of our suffering.

I find comfort in recognizing that my moments are fluid. That I will move in and out of experiences and I will have joy and sadness and joy again, and if I can breathe through it and stay connected through it, that means I have lived fully connected to my source.

I allow moments to move through me. I allow life to work through me. I do not try to control because I know that our universe, our energy, our life is fluid and I allow it to be within me as that is the most natural cycle of life.

I allow.

Have a happy and healthy week.