Monday Mantra: Singular Thoughts

My time. My money. My travel plans. My holiday.

Have you been caught up in the my preparing for the holiday week? If you have, that’s normal. It’s something just about everyone can relate to most times of times of the year, but especially as we get into holiday season.

The holidays can be twofold. On one hand you’re doing everything you can to make sure the people around you feel loved and happy. On the other hand, though your energy is being spent externally, it’s pretty normal that you’re focus becomes singular—on you and everything you don’t have in those moments. (Enough time, money, energy, patience.) That’s where a lot of holiday stress can come from.

Have you noticed yourself leaning toward that feeling lately? Maybe hyper-focused on wanting to have everything perfect for the holiday, so much so that it leaves you feel unsatisfied at the end of the day, or overly exhausted?

When you get in that lack mentality (focused on what you don’t have), or you seem to be too wrapped up in everything that you have to be doing, it’s likely your operating from insecurity. An insecurity that you are trying to mask by having the perfectly holiday or keeping yourself busy. Think of this, maybe the pressure you’re putting on yourself to give your loved ones the perfect holiday is really just a superficial way of trying to serve yourself.

The singular attitude that’s arising, even though you’re doing things for others, is your mind’s way of showing you that you’re ignoring your own inner care. There’s something that your body or your mind is needing but that you’re ignoring for the sake of others.

This week’s mantra asks us to not judge ourselves when the feelings of me or my come up. It reminds us that when those self involved thoughts come up—they are a tool that is reminding us to turn within. And just think, the sooner you can turn inside, even for just a minute, the more time you’ll have to truly show up and serve the people around you—not because of pressure you put on yourself, but because you’re present and


When singular thoughts take over, 

I turn inside to fill from within. 

And a bit of a second mantra here for the week. When you’ve done a little bit of self-study, and self care, beyond it all—let’s all focus on how our presence and attention can be of service to the world.


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P.s.s. I’ll be off this Wednesday but check back Friday for an all new Digs. See you then. Have a great Thanksgiving.