Monday Mantra: Simple

Break it down. Peel it away. Make it simple.

I write these mantras every week using a few of my most favorite tools: observation, intuition, and faith in the unknown. And of course, a lot of humility and a big sense of humor. Because well, you can’t explore the human experience without a giant sense of humor.

In any case, I tell you this because this week’s mantra is especially that—a noticing of what I’ve been seeing in myself and in people around me. This week, very much so, I’ve seen the messy. Not the really bad, just the messy. Those hard parts of the human experience that leave us feeling muddled, profound, and complicated.

I’ve seen it around social media, I’ve seen it in friends, and very much so, I’ve felt it in myself.

It makes sense that the emotions are high and the feels are in full effect—the seasons are changing and we experienced a new moon this past weekend.

So what I wanted to offer today is a chance for us all to peel a few layers away. To take a step back. To remove the harsh spotlight we can so easily put ourselves under, and instead invite simplicity into our thoughts.

We don’t have to wish away the messy feelings or drape them in “good thoughts”—that would never work and we know that.

What I’m offering is a chance to sit but sit without observation. Remove the pressure of needing to learn a lesson and release the need to figure it all out.

We’re here. We breathe. The messy is just as much a part of our experiences as the happy and the good.

Our mantra is two lines this week and I thought I’d break them both down for you.

I see beyond me.

This takes the focus off of self. Even though it’s easy to be hyper-focused on everything that makes up “me”—this part of the mantra reminds that life is so much more than the singular.

A practice of simplicity sets me free.

We’re keeping it simple. So even though we took the focus off of “me,” this is not the time to dive deep into how we can fix global problems or change the world. Instead, this is the reminder that a sweet inhale and a full exhale can be just the thing we need. And more than that, when that exhale is fully out, we remember that in fact, we don’t need anything at all.



I see beyond me. 

A practice of simplicity sets me free. 

Have a happy & healthy week.