Monday Mantra: I Am Of Service

This month I have been feeling the call of service, and even more than that, a deep need in our day to day lives to share kindness with one another. This week, along with the mantra, I’m sharing a few alternative ideas to inspire your own random acts of kindness. (This goes beyond the coffee line.)

Random acts of kindness:

To me, there are acts of kindness that focus on those who are in need of extra care, and there acts of kindness that just about anyone can benefit from. These ideas are spread between the two. Though some may appear to need it more, sometimes the unassuming receiver might need it most.


I do view donating money as an act of kindness. However large or small, your money is an extension of your energy and sharing it is an extension your work and your time.

  • California fires. As the California fires continue to appear in the news, here is a solid organization I found to donate to.
  • On top of that, all of the natural disasters you likely have prayed for or donated to this fall could still use your help. If you felt particularly strong about a certain natural disaster this year, reach out to a local organization that might still need help or donations. Though they aren’t the news anymore, they are still rebuilding.
  • If your out to dinner and you have the means, anonymously pick up the tab for a young couple nearby.


  • Head to a local church and ask if they know of a local family that are in need of food, money, or holiday presents. You can do this anonymously as well, and you don’t have to be a member of the church.
  • Go to a second-hand bookstore and pick up a few of your favorite children’s book. Wrap them up and put them in neighbor’s mailboxes who have kids with an anonymous note. Win, win—you’re helping the store owner too.
  • You know those coffee-line acts? One person buys coffee for the person behind them and so on and so on. I always think about the cashier in those instances. Instead of buying something for someone who is already treating themselves, treat the cashier. Maybe buy him or her a gift card at the grocery store their working at or hand them a personal tip that they don’t have to share.
  • I also like to buy grocery store gift cards and hand them out to people walking in, or leave on their cars.
  • When your in the grocery store parking lot, volunteer to put someones cart away who looks like they could use the extra help. Maybe a mother who has her hands full or an elderly person.
  • Shovel the walkway of neighbor.

Give Your Time

  • You know that friend or family member that you always mean to call but never do? Pick up the phone and make the call, you’ll both be glad you did.
  • Reach out to someone in your life who you know have lost someone close to them, even if it wasn’t recently. It’s likely that the holidays bring up old memories and they would be happy to know that you are remembering their loved one. Even a small note could mean a lot.
  • Don’t use your cellphone when your standing in line. Instead, maybe compliment the person in front of you or strike up a conversation.

The best mantras recognize the Self not as an individual, but as a vessel for unity, oneness, and peace. Giving your time, energy, and care to others is an extension of that thought. “I am not me, you are not you, it’s just we.”



I find silence within.

I hold peace in my core. 

I am of service.

Have a happy & healthy week!