Monday Mantra: Self, I Love You

Self-love. In our teens it’s hard to grasp, in our 20’s it comes and goes, and in our 30’s we begin to encompass it.

Self-love—it’s acceptance, understanding, and gratitude for life itself.

Last night I took myself on a date. I went to the movies and stopped at a bar for a drink beforehand. Sitting by myself in a room full of people connecting, without connecting to another human, was interesting and also quite difficult. Not because I was sad that I was by myself but because I didn’t have the distraction of another person. For 10 minutes I told myself that I wouldn’t look at my phone or watch the bar’s TV screen. I would just sit. That was hard. And ultimately enjoyable.

I don’t deserve a medal or even a paragraph on a blog just because I sat by myself without my phone for 10 minutes. But that 10 minutes above is what inspired this week’s mantra. It got me thinking, now that I am in my 30’s I am confident and more accepting of the way I look. But more than that, I like myself. Like actually like myself, and though I may have liked myself in years past, these are some of the first years that I don’t feel apologetic of that fact. I don’t want to hide it or try to be someone else in public. I like myself far more than I ever did in my earlier years, and more than that, I’m not afraid to show that love of Self to others.

So what does that love of Self look like on the outside? For me, it looks like this:

+ treating myself well with healthy food

+ indulging in unhealthy food when I want to

+ carving out time for self-care

+ standing up for my self-worth by treating myself as if I’m worth it. Worth eating healthy. Worth speaking up. Worth going after what I want. Worth saying no.

+ celebrating another person’s own self-love

Self-love goes far beyond embracing your body or feeling confident. A deep self-love comes when you can remove the distractions of judgement and entertainment and you can simply be. Alone. With silence. With Self.

What does your self-love look like? This week, make it your intention to explore that. Take yourself out. Not on your usual trip to yoga or the farmer’s market, but out. Somewhere you might usually go with a friend or your partner. Celebrate your connection with you. Not alone in your bed with your journal and your angel cards, but in public, out where people can see you. My guess is it will give you a sense of confidence and empowerment that you can’t get when you’re hiding your love at home.


Hey Self, I love you and I’m not afraid to show it.

A celebrated self is an empowered self,

and an empowered self gets her shit done. 

Have a happy & healthy week.