Monday Mantra: See Ya Later Control

I am a control freak. You know what though? I never knew it until now.

I’ve realized that I’m not controlling in the traditional sense of the word: micromanaging my partner or intensely planning every second of my vacations. Instead, I try to control life. I have pictures in my head of how things should go and scheme and plan and scheme some more to make sure that picture in my head becomes a reality. That rarely happens though. In the more typical scenario, I scheme and plan and scheme some more until I am so stressed out about how every little thing is going to turn out that I miss the magic of the in-between.

I try to plan life because I am a worrier. I worry that I will be uncomfortable or lack security or maybe most of all, that I will fail. In my mind, if I plan it out just right my life will be perfect and nothing will go wrong. Obviously, that’s not true, but that is where my mind goes when left to wander.

The thing is, the best things in my life have happened by chance—without planning and without too much thought. Meeting my husband, moving across country, even starting this blog were all things that happened in the midst of scheming other plans.

This week I’d like us to focus on the power of the in-between – the magic part of manifestation when you let go of control and fly by the seat of your pants.

What that requires is trust. Trust in the unknown, trust in the universe to show you love, and most importantly—trust in yourself.

If there is a goal you are working toward that you can’t stop trying to figure out in your head, let it out this week. Ask God, the Angels, the Universe or whatever energy you like to work with. Say, “I release control this week, I know you love me, and I love myself. Together we can do anything.”


Control is not my job.

My job is to listen.

I move forward with

trust, love, and a heart that knows

she is worthy of the gifts of life.

See ya later control!

Have a happy & healthy week.