Monday Mantra: Remember Who You Are

“Remember who you are,” is a mantra I’ve been telling myself a lot lately. At first it felt arbitrary—I know who I am.

But really, remember who you are. Who am I without the definitions, titles, goals I have for myself that makeup the version of me that I share with the world? Even more, who am I if I’m not the version of me that I have in my head that I talk to and argue with on a daily basis? I already know that person. What do I have to remember?

Well, the answer is a lot. As much as we “know” ourselves—we know ourselves with a lot of baggage. We have stories of our past that makeup who we are now. We have material items that help us define ourselves to the outside world. We have personalities, interests, and people in our lives that help us feel full or lacking at any given time.

Strip it away. 

The purpose of this mantra I have been using has been to help me get back to the basics, in some ways—to help me return back to more of a childlike state. That childlike state when definitions weren’t important and distractions were fewer because well, whatever your doing as a child you are doing it fully, without judgements, resentments, or a want for something better.

Who am I now?

A person who feels the most joyful while eating a bowl of blueberries in the sun, or jumping in cold water and swimming around.

Just a person who wants to strip away the unreal and come back to experiencing life.

Yes, life. That thing that ebbs and flows and rolls around us all of the time, whether we pay attention to it or not. Life—without expectation but instead with curiosity for what’s in front of me at any given moment. As adults we lose a lot of that curiosity we had as kids because we think we’ve figured it out. What the last few weeks have taught me is that I haven’t got anything figured out and I like it that way.

Strip it away. 

At the core of my being, who am I?

I invite myself to get back to basics. 

Have a happy & healthy week.