Monday Mantra: Really Do It, Inner Care

We know the things we want to be working on; self care, meditation, reading that book, writing our own book. We say we are going to do it, we may even write it on our weekly to-do lists, yet more often than not those things we want to do get skipped over for the things we have to do. 

We tend to prioritize the things things that support our outer lives: cleaning the floors, paying the bills, taking care of our clients. When we move from the outside in, as opposed to from the inside out, we leave ourselves running on empty tanks filled with outer sings of success like clean floors and even a happy client. Those things that we have to do will always get done, simply put, because they have to. The items on our to-do lists that support our inner connection and happiness will always get put aside if they aren’t given priority over the important but superficial “have-to’s”.

Our intuition gives us nudges toward what the mind and body needs and our ambition guides us toward where we want to go, but ego and fear can easily take both of those over if we aren’t mindful. Ego is what propels us to take care of the client before we take care of ourselves, fear is what stops us from prioritizing inner happiness over outer signs that read, “I am doing okay”.

This week the intention is simple, really do it. No excuses. The only thing holding you back from taking care of the true You, is the excuses you make from a place of fear and ego and a lack mentality.

You’ve got this. We have your back. Tell us below, what will you do for You this week?


When I take care of me,

I have a greater capacity to take care of others. 

I prioritize me.

My intuition and ambition guide me.

I’ve got this. 


Happy doing! (yeah, I laughed at that, too.)