Monday Mantra: The Push

Our culture for many years was one that valued the push, the drive, the over extension of our days in order to achieve success. And make no mistake, our culture still values those things. Though recently, another message has been taking the airwaves—the message to slow down, to enjoy the moment, to be easy on ourselves.

I am all about slowing down and enjoying the present, but this week’s mantra is going back to the push. But, the push with awareness. The push that so many of us crave. It’s the internal push that encourages us not only to listen to our inner voice, but to act on it.

If you’ve made it to this part of the blog, it’s likely that you have an inner guidance system lightly (or maybe loudly) telling you to do something—to pay attention better to yourself, to make that move, to start that business.

The thing about your inner guidance is that it’s usually telling you to do the hard thing. There is typically not a path or a roadmap to follow. Your inner voice is usually guiding you toward something that will force you to make sacrifices of time and energy and most importantly, there is no guarantee that if you follow it you’ll get what you want.

Because of everything listed above, many of us here our inner guidance but don’t act on it. It’s easier to settle for good enough because with good enough, we know the outcome. There is little guesswork and we can see the safety net.

Not settling means that we trust in ourselves which though it sounds good, it’s a scary thought. Ultimately, if you trust your inner voice enough to do what it’s telling you to do you’re letting go of insecurities that though hurtful can feel safe because you’ve known them and survived with them for so long. Trusting your inner voice is scary because you’re showing the world that you’re okay with failure and that you’re willing to go after something beyond the path that is in front of you.

It’s scary and slightly embarrassing but this week I’ll share with you what my inner voice is currently saying to me.

My Mantra:

I want to be a woman.

A woman who is unkept by any man or any person.

I want to be a woman who can stand in her life and be proud of what she’s built.

Because she took chances. Because she listened to herself. Because she continued to push.

I want to be empowered to make decisions because I listened to my gut and built the life I saw only in my dreams.

The worst thing that I can do for myself is not listen. Is to stop pushing. Is to settle because it’s easier.

The worst thing I can do is to stop pushing myself to act on what my inner guidance is telling me to do.

The Push

I call it the push because it’s just that, you have to continue to put yourself in uncomfortable situations in order to follow your inner guidance. You will have to continuously push against settling for what’s easy. But, when you start to follow it, whether you get what you want or you don’t, you’re able to tap into peace, because at least you tried.

Your Mantra:

I push.

Not because of ego or a need for recognition.

I don’t push toward external goals. 

I push to understand Self.

To understand others.

I push toward what I hear inside

because not pushing toward that is not an option. 

Have a happy and healthy week!