Monday Mantra: Protect Your Power

If you’ve read any mindful books or even one inspirational instagram quote, you’ve seen the call to “protect your power.” On a large scale that is mostly easy. We can recognize someone who is outwardly aggressive toward us and get ourselves out of those situations. On a smaller scale, harsh vibes can be harder to navigate.

Think about a coworker who doesn’t respect the value of your time by constantly hitting their deadlines late, or a friend who speaks about themselves 90% of the time without taking the time to listen to you. As a sensitive and compassionate person, you give excuses to your friend who “really needs to talk” or don’t get mad at your coworker because she is “mostly nice.” Yet, when we let people around us take our time and energy for granted, we are sending the message to ourselves and the universe that we hold another person’s happiness over our own.

In the call to protect your power, I am not suggesting that you stand up loudly and demand to be heard or respected. The work, as always, comes from within. The more we spend time on our mindful practices like meditation and self study, the more connection we feel to our highest self and in turn the more we value ourselves and our time. When you find yourself in everyday situations where another person devalues your power, remind yourself, “This is why I do my inner work. It is my job to protect my energy, it is that person’s job to protect their own.”


My dedication to my inner work,  

reflects my inner strength.

I value myself and my time.