Monday Mantra: Prepare for Happiness

Ever notice that in the morning there is something that drives you? No, not your train to work. Throughout our days, especially in the morning, we have a to-do list that we are unknowingly checking off as the minutes pass before we head out the door.

Shower, hair dry, cute outfit, tea, avocado toast, it is all part of the routine, the start of your productive work day. That to-list, though, can be driven by one of two things: “need” (food, coffee, shower,) or “like” (cute outfit, the music you listen to.)

When starting your mornings this week, see where you can bring more “like” into your routine. Maybe the special cereal or breakfast that makes you extra happy because it brings you back to childhood or break the rules and watch 10 minutes of your guilty pleasure netflix show while you do your makeup.

When adding more sprinkles of “like” into your mornings your to-do list is driven by You, not by the need to “get out of the house because I have so many things to do because I just have to throw clothes on because I am busy and have no time.” (phew)

Let each step of your morning, even the not so fun parts, be a ritual that is not getting you ready to tackle a day of tasks but is instead preparing you for a day driven by happy. When you are driven by happy, you are more at ease and able to connect with others in a way that is authentic and truthful to you.


Mantra: “I prepare for my happiness in the morning.”


Happy preparing!