Monday Mantra: A Prayer For Self Doubt

In those moments when I struggle to step forward with confidence, I say this prayer to myself. Today I share it with you.

This week’s mantra is for you. The one who is carrying self-doubt.

You want to be strong. You want to be brave. You want to have fury and faith and grit and grab your opponent—your dream—with all of your power and take it for once and for all.

You can’t. You are sensitive. You think deeply. You move slow.

You can.

I will not tell you to do it. I will not tell you to be brave. I will tell you that I hear you. I understand you and mostly, I won’t judge you.

I won’t judge you for doing that thing you want to do. And also, I won’t judge you if you don’t. I trust in you. I trust in your timeline. In your ability to move through your pain as you need to. To move through your ideas as you need to. I know that you don’t have to get something that you want. Because you don’t have to get something at all.

You are something. I recognize that in you. And I know underneath that doubt you recognize it too.


My Prayer

I am open. I am clear.

Even when I’m not,

I will dig my feet in

and try.

Try to be open.

Try to find clarity.

Try to be strong

and gentle.

Try to care for my body

and hold my heart high.

Despite my doubt and wounds and fear of failure.

Try to move past self doubt

and live only in passion.

I will try.

Try because I have committed.

To growth.

To faith.

To Self.