Monday Mantra: Picture This

Picture this.

You’re driving.

The road is open and the windows down.

Grey and purple colored mountains

frame the blue sky.

It’s an easy day.

Your favorite song plays.

Your tongue vibrates as you sound the words.

Your heart feels so good it’s as if

it were radiating a bright pink light.

The windows down.

You can feel the air.

Your body tingles with happiness.

With light.

With content.

Later on,

your feet are bare.

They sink into the tall, soft grass.

You feel the air.

Your body tingles with happiness.

You are living with the moment.

Not against it. Not ignoring it. Not wishing for another.

And then you read this and it’s Monday and chances are you are behind the screen amidst todo lists and less-than-fun responsibilities. And there’s beauty in that too. Just for a moment, put yourself there, to a time where the moment was so tangible that you could grab it and hug it. A time when instagram and computer screens were far back in your mind. You can be there now too. You can grab the moment now, too. It’s easier to do it when the windows are down and the sun is shining—but it can be just as powerful to do it when the door is closed and the fluorescent lights are on.

Here’s to tangible moments that have no agenda other than to make our hearts flutter and lips curl upward. And here’s to the days when we can remember the flutter and enjoy the balance of the mundane. Happy Monday.


I take in the moment.

I am here. I am present.