Monday Mantra: My Personal New Year’s Prayer

Happy 2017 to you! For the first Monday Mantra of the year I wanted to focus less on a specific mission and instead remind myself of the qualities that I value. Today I share with you my personal prayer. This prayer is my road map to the year, whatever improvements I seek and whatever goals I hope to achieve, if I stay on track with these values I know in the end that I’ve won. If the prayer resonates with you, please use it. If it inspires you to write your own, I encourage you to. Here is to an intentional 2017.

May I be gentle and fierce,

care and not care too much.

May I be thoughtful and aware,

and listen to the people around me.

I will be connected.

I will consume mindfully.

I’ll remember that being off track

is part of living balanced.

I will be grateful

and connected.

My mission is presence.

May I know my worth and value your worth, too.

Also, I will eat cake.