Monday Mantra: Perfectionism Not Invited

Is perfectionism stopping you from living the life you want?

How many times have you had an idea for an awesome project, fun trip, or new opportunity only to stop yourself short from trying it because you’re not sure if it’s exactly what you should do? You search for a sign, an ah-ha moment, or a light up pathway that says “go here.”

The truth? Those signs and ah-ha moments do come, but they are few and far between. What we have to do more than anything else is stop fighting uncertainty and simply—try.

And the big secret here? Try anything. Literally anything. It will help you get to the next try, and the next, until eventually—without realizing it—you fall into the sign, the ah-ha moment, the perfect thing.

I have so many girlfriends—myself included—who have spent years trying to figure out “what they should be doing” or “if they actually should try that thing they’re always thinking about.”

As young modern women we have more choices and avenues to choose from than ever before. It’s a privilege. One that we should not take for granted and one to be grateful for every day. But it can also be overwhelming, even paralyzing.

My answer to that?

Tough love. Get over it.

No really. I mean that with all my love, but gosh I wish we could all just get over it. I would have saved myself years if I would have realized that the “perfect” fit, the exact right feeling, the definite “ah-ha” moment is few and far between. The longer you spend looking for that perfect answer, the more you’re holding off your life.

For me, I spent years trying to find my perfect job. Even when I had a job, if it didn’t feel perfect (which it never did) I’d stop myself short from really diving into all it had to offer or exploring its possibilities.

I finally got distracted enough by the job I had that I stopped trying to find the perfect fit and realized that, whatever I’m doing in that moment is perfect. It’s what’s meant for me right then. The more I pour my presence into it (instead of searching for what’s better), the more I’m organically guided to the next step, the next opportunity, the next point of growth.

So to all my perfectionists out there, to all you loves who are trying to find the perfect answer to an ambiguous question, I give this to you:

There’s nothing that will serve you better than releasing the question and taking a step. Literally any step. Say yes to something, even if you have no idea what it is. Moving (any type of movement) is what will fill you up. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be a step.

Perfection will get me nowhere. Trying anything, is truly everything.

Have a happy & healthy week.