Monday Mantra: Oneness

This past week I found myself getting wrapped up in a lot of head scramble. I was creating scenarios and schemes to manipulate outcomes that I truly had no control over. I was thinking a lot about past heartache and imagining stories of future troubles that were connected to no real truth. Looking at the big picture, this makes sense. Just as there are moments of clarity and quiet, our minds also have the ability to take us on theme park rides of emotional jumble. Take into consideration the change of season and the recent full moon and well, let’s just say I am sure I’m not the only one who was feeling all the feels.

Luckily, that moment of clarity did come to me as it usually does, when least expected. I was huffing and puffing on the treadmill at the gym, might I add this was my first treadmill run of the year. As I looked out of the gym window onto the parking lot, I wanted to stop but knew my body was craving the benefits of the cardio, I saw an old man truly using all his might to make his way into the building.

In that moment I felt gratitude for my health, yes, but more than that I saw myself in him. Although my struggle was different and far less tragic than his, we were the same. I knew that I, too, would experience the struggle of an aging body one day, and that at one point years before he was a young man testing the limits of his body’s youth. We were having different experiences in that moment, but we were the same.

oneness | thoughts that are free of separation and judgement of “me” and “you.”

As I continue to contemplate oneness, I find that no matter what I am struggling with, when I remind myself that my struggle has been struggled by someone else before me and will be experienced by someone else after me, I am not alone. My struggle is just a mere lesson that us as humans are here to learn.

This week, invite oneness into your thought process. Let judgement of separation fall away and remind yourself, that we as humans are all in this together.


There is no separation of “me” and “them.”

In moments of struggle,

I find peace in the remembrance of “one.”

Have a great week!