Monday Mantra: Nurture

This week’s mantra is one word: nurture.

What does that mean to you? Today during your commute, in the shower, while you are making dinner meditate on the word “nurture.” Where do you need more of it in your life?


Actually say “no” to screen time before bed.

Take a quiet, solo walk during lunch. Even if it is only for 10 minutes. 

Massage warm sesame oil onto the soles of your feet before bed. 

A friend:

Call, just to call and then simply listen. With a strong intent to fully listen you will be more present.

Send a card. 

A project:

Pick something up that you’ve been putting off. Come at it with a fresh perspective to nurture the project instead of “finish” it. 

Like most of our mantras, nothing above is too complicated yet they are things that we always make excuses not to do. There is no reason not to add a little nurture to your routine this week. 


This week my word is nurture.

I nurture my body, my breath and those around me.

Nurture brings peace. 


Happy nurturing!