Monday Mantra: My Insecurities Set Me Free

It’s not often you read insecurity and free in the same sentence. With one, doesn’t usually come the other. Or so, we thought.

Lately I’ve been working on a “let it out” practice. It’s simple: if a thought or insecurity is stuck in a loop in my head, no matter how embarrassing, scary, or uncomfortable it makes me feel, I tell someone about it.

When we trap scary, embarrassing, or fear-based thoughts in our head, their strength grows, their scariness grows, and soon—they are holding us hostage in our own minds. When we let the scary thoughts circulate, keeping them from the world, they control us. But the moment they are brought into the light, it’s amazing how not-scary they become.

In the light, those scary thoughts don’t seem so serious. We can laugh in their faces and we can call them out for being ridiculous.

So how do you apply this to everyday life? I’m not saying that you walk into your bosses office and tell him everything you’re scared about.

Start small. Maybe you have an insecurity that people might think of you as a fraud. First, share that thought with your best friend. Let it out. It’s small, your best friend is safe, but even the first step into the light helps in starting to free yourself from that insecurity.

Achievers: think of it this way, it’s our insecurities that hold us back from expressing and doing what’s in our hearts. We fear judgment, ridicule, and scrutiny. But, when you’re the one to let the insecurity out when you claim it—nobody else can do it first. It becomes your own. Not only is it freeing, it’s empowering as hell.

The truth about our insecurities is that they are entirely and completely made up. As true as they may feel in our heads or even our hearts, at the core of the matter, they are simply your ego and they are keeping you in a small mindset.

Like I said, if this exercise feels scary at first, start with a safe friend. But I encourage you as you work on this to expand beyond that safe person. Let that insecurity out to someone who doesn’t feel so close like in a blog post, a thoughtful social post, or with a group of people.

For me, I do this a lot. If I’m scared about a presentation—I say so ahead of time. If I’m anxious at a party, I’ll tell the person I’m talking to. And you know what? It might sound like a total bummer, nobody wants to be known as the person who complains or brings the room down. But honestly, it has the actual opposite effect. It usually brings the person I’m talking to closer into my circle. I share it, then I let it go, and continue my positive conversations more authentically me than I could’ve if I were trying to mask my truth.

This week, don’t let your fear, insecurity, or uncomfortable feelings hold you hostage. Let them out. Tell a friend. Bringing them into the light will truly set you free from them.

When I bring my insecurity into the light,

I am set free. 

Have a happy & healthy week!