Monday Mantra: My 30-Day Prayer

This week’s mantra is in the form of a prayer. This is a prayer I’ve been doing a lot lately and it’s helped so much that I’ve committed to saying this prayer every day for the next 30 days.

“Universe what do you need? Show me how I can serve you.”

This prayer has been powerful for me for a few reasons.

It’s a reminder to think beyond myself.

So often when I talk to the universe I am asking for something for myself—my protection, answers to a problem, help realizing a goal—it’s all about me and what I want or need at any given moment. This prayer flips the script. Instead of focusing on what I want out of my relationship with the universe, this prayer puts the focus on the world outside of me and helps align with a deeper purpose—the purpose of service.

It’s healing.

When your mission is service you are assisting in the healing of others and the landscape around you. Of course that can also be healing for yourself. I’ve been saying this prayer in the morning, before I start my day—starting my day with an intention of service helps me align with something greater than me and reminds me to look for opportunities for service throughout the whole day.

It gets me out of the “get.”

Again, it’s not about me and that’s why it’s so powerful. I focus on this prayer to help me realize that there is so much more to the world than the pursuit of anything outside of love and service.

It’s about listening.

“Show me how I can help you.” This line encourages me to stay quiet and listen. It helps me connect with the quieter world around me—the one that is not as easy to pay attention to. It reminds me that I am always working with the universe and that I can tap into that partnership anytime as long as I create the space to do so.

I find this mantra works best when you set aside a special moment to recite this prayer. Don’t do it while your brushing your teeth or driving your car. Instead, take a moment to allow yourself to find that connection between you, the universe, and the world around you. This prayer is nothing, unless the intention behind it is pure, true, and full of selflessness.

Do you want to start this prayer challenge with me? Join in, let me know how it goes.

Universe what do you need?

Show me how I can serve you.

Have a happy & healthy week.