Monday Mantra: Live Your Best Life?

Live your best life. It’s all the rage these days. And when I say all the rage I mean as far as hashtags and memes go live your best life is the new #blessed.

That’s all well and fine, but when we spend as much time on social media as we do, it’s important to bring awareness to how even the smallest things can get at your unconscious.

Maybe something as small as a hashtag or an image does nothing for you. You can see it and get on with your day. Or maybe, when you’re in the right mood, you read a hashtag and it gets to you. It’s in those moments that you can choose to learn something about yourself, something about your peers, and something about how you can thrive mindfully in the digital age.

The last time I saw live your best life was in the form of a meme. It hit me because in that moment when I read it, I instantly felt like I wasn’t. But then after a few rounds down the rabbit hole of my inner-judgement I realized what actually was coming up for me was that I had been procrastinating on something my inner guidance was telling me to do. And it was that hashtag reminder that wouldn’t let me forget about it.

I had two choices. I could keep going down the spiral of self-shame and jealousy, or I could recognize that social media was just another tool, there to bring a mirror to something I was ignoring so that I could take action.

Typically when you see the live your best life hashtag or meme it’s attached to the big picture—a photo of a person’s well-decorated home, their smiling family on vacation, or a career milestone they are proud of. All things to celebrate. But all big picture. It’s great—but to live your best life is not a big picture thing to obtain. You live your best life on a moment to moment basis.

We look toward one another for inspiration. We always have. Social media has just helped us take that side gazing to the forefront; to the extreme. When you see something that you like or that you want—depending on your mood at the moment—you can act or you can get mad at yourself for not acting.

When you see someone who is doing something you want to do, you can use that as inspiration or you can use it to torture yourself. Jealously or admiration for another person’s success is merely your own recognition of the potential you see in yourself.

Now you can let it stay potential—or you can listen to the voice deep within who is begging you to act and [nike]—just do it.


Live your best life

on a moment to moment basis.

In this moment I choose to say yes.

I choose to celebrate you.

I choose to act. 

Have a happy & healthy week.