Monday Mantra: I Let Go Of Control

If you follow along with even one wellness website or insta account, it’s likely you’ve read about last night’s full moon—Supermoon, in gemini, Mercury in retrograde—there’s a lot of talk about what it all means for our well-being and energy levels.

But is all of that talk and hype around the moon just another way for us to try and control another thing that cannot be controlled?

What if instead of trying to control it all by figuring out how to use the moon’s energy for our benefit, we simply let go?

Though there is a lot that can be learned from where the moon is and how we can work with the energy surrounding it, for me, the biggest lesson this time around is the lesson of letting go.

The beauty of the waxing and waning of the moon is that it acts as a physical reminder of the natural cycles we go through in all aspects of our lives. The full moon represents the high, intense, all-consuming passionate stage in the cycle. The new moon represents the beginning when we are careful and thoughtful.

In some ways, the full moon is nothing more than this. A reminder that what we go through, however unnatural or chaotic it may feel, is still just part of the natural cycles that all living beings experience. Yet, as humans do, so many times we over complicate the process of natural cycles by trying to control outcomes and feelings. We even do it with the moon.

Trying to decipher where the moon is and what it means for our work lives, our love lives, or our manifestations is just another way of us trying to be in control. And though I’m a huge fan of moon rituals and the search for deeper understanding, it’s also important to remind ourselves to relax around the process. Let go.

You don’t need the hype. You don’t need the moon to help you get what you want. You need to lean back. Listen. Feel. Ebb and flow as naturally as you can,


I let go of control.

It’s not my job to figure it all out.

It’s my job to lean back, listen, and release the need to know. 

I let go of control.

Have a happy and heathy week!