Monday Mantra: I Justify Myself

I had a bad day. And I told literally everyone about it. Friday, after hours of freaking out about tech issues, sore bones, and electrical problems in my house, I realized that in an attempt to justify my bad day, I needed everyone else to tell me how bad it was. After I calmed down and took some time to reflect, I realized this is a bad habit that I used to let creep into my life quite a bit, and though I don’t do it as much these days, I still have major moments when I seek assurance from outside sources. So the healing begins; it’s not simply that I need to change my habit of seeking outward sources to justify my life, the deeper truth is that I need to strengthen my trust in myself. 

Do you run most of your decisions by a best friend or parent before you make them? Support is great, but when you constantly look for another person to agree with a gut decision you’ve already “mostly” made, you put your stock in their final decision instead of your own.

This is a normal tendency, especially in women and empaths, we like harmony and want to be sure that our decisions and actions align with that value. On top of that, seeking justification from another is a way to make your thoughts tangible and easier to realize.

Both thoughtfulness and tangibility are excellent tools for reflection and decision making, but a strong  self connection and trust in your intuition are essential for positive manifestation and inner health. This week, when you pick up the phone to tell a friend about a bad day or call your mom to run a decision past her, ditch the phone and head for your meditation cushion instead. Begin to fill up your own cup by resisting the urge to pull from another’s. Breath into it. Know that your power lies in your own understanding and trust of your thoughts.


My assurance comes from within.

I trust in my ability to listen to myself,

and so,

I justify me.

Have a happy and healthy week!