Monday Mantra: Just Freakin’ Do It Already

You know when all of a sudden you feel the urge to…

+Eat a particular food

+Call a friend

+Turn on a certain song

+Ask a certain question

+Have chocolate


+Cut your hair

Those little pings are a lot more significant than you think. This week’s mantra is here to tell you: when you get those urges, just freakin’ do them.

And you know the best part? Those little pings may seem small, but they are actually a huge benefit to you and your inner guidance system.

Often we can take ourselves and our decision making so seriously.

We put pressure on making the “right decision” all the time. We put pressure on ourselves not to: eat the food, spend the money, give into the pleasure in the name of “being good”—whatever that means.

This exercise of just saying yes to those small urges can help you strengthen your decision making skills and increase your trust in your gut and your inner voice. It’s a win-win all the way around.

So how does it work?

Quite literally, just as it’s laid out above. A small urge comes over you to [drive a different way home, turn onto a street, grab a particular book off the shelf, buy that quirky thing in a window display]—do it. Don’t weigh the pros and cons, even for a second. Just freakin’ do it.

For some of you, this may feel reckless—particularly if you’re “always-in-control” or hyper-scheduled, it may feel like you’re just throwing your hands in the air and saying eff it. But what you’re actually doing is learning to take yourself less seriously and learning to act in flow with your intuition—a strength that will continue to give back to you days, months, and years after you said yes to that one little urge.

Not only will you feel fulfilled in the moment, but you’re learning to trust your gut.

Sure, there are times when this exercise is healthy and fruitful and times when you need to add more discipline. But you know what? I know you. I am you. We could use just a little more “eff it.”

Enjoy the moment. Act in the present. It will do your soul so good.

Enjoy the moment. 

Act in the present. 

It will do your soul so good. 


I listen to those tiny little urges in my head. They are more than just a thought, they are my inner voice guiding me. 

Have a happy & healthy week!