Monday Mantra: To Be Jealous

That girl. She bugs you. She has what you want. She does what you do, sometimes she does it better.

She’s working so hard to be something that you are also working so hard to be.

She bugs you.

She is you.


It comes in and out of our daily lives almost as much as we check our smartphones. It can help us be discerning and it can give us something to measure ourselves against.


It also gives us something to measure ourselves against. It’s usually directed at a singular person, and it makes you doubt yourself.

There’s this thing called the wellness world. You may have heard of it. (ha.) Every yoga-loving, organic-eating woman in her 20’s or 30’s is addicted to the wellness world. And at least half of those women are trying to make a career based on that passion.

With so many people working toward similar goals in a similar field, jealousy and judgement can be dominant feelings.

We’ve been taught what to do with jealousy since we were kids.

Eyes on your own mat—yes.

The person you’re jealous of is your teacher—yes.

That person is jealous of other people and insecure just like you—yes.

The less obvious lessons of jealousy.

That woman can actually help you be a better version of yourself. She is mirroring to you the potential that you see in yourself. You are jealous because you can see yourself doing that, being that. Instead of being mad that she’s doing what you want to be doing, just do what you want to do. Your own path will unfold from there.

Your jealousy can help you discern if you are on the right path or not. You may see someone who has attained the goal you are working toward, so you may try to emulate her path. Yet, as you do that you continue to hit short of your mark. You may feel jealous because that person has what you want and you are doing the same things, but you just can’t seem to get there. In this instance, it’s likely that your actions aren’t fully aligned with your deeper intuition. You are too focused on external goals and other people’s trails that you lose your own path.

When your higher Self—the Self that is focused on love and fulfillment—is aligned with your actions, jealousy won’t even come to mind.

Honor your counterpart’s paths. It will help you honor your own.


To be jealous is to see myself.

To be jealous is to see potential for the world.

I see you. I am you.

I wish for your fulfillment

and I wish for mine, too.

Have a happy & healthy week!



Ps. I’ll be offline for Friday Digs this week. See you next Monday!