Monday Mantra: I’ve Got Time For That

A few weeks ago I wrote this mantra, ain’t nobody got time for that. That mantra encouraged us to drop the bull of overthinking and a constant need to please so we could focus on the good stuff—compassion for others, creativity, and self-love.

So this week’s mantra focuses on just that—time invested on self. Self care? Yeah, we’ve got time for that.

I invest in myself.

No, not with my money, but with my time.

Think about what you might consider a good investment. A house. A vacation. A quality item for your home. The perfect pair of jeans. Skincare.

Usually if it’s a good investment it takes some bit of sacrifice to get it—a certain amount of money and your time. You’re willing to make those sacrifices because you’re getting something measurable out of it. But what about the investments that can’t be measured?

What would you sacrifice purely for your own mental health?

Time spent away from your screen as trade for a meditation or some time with your journal? Maybe money spent on the freshest ingredients you can find and a few hours in the kitchen preparing that food with love.

Sacrifice can have a negative association but in its smallest form it’s simply the act of prioritizing one thing over another. Which means, when you choose to put things like social media, TV, or everyday drama ahead of self care you are sacrificing your time for something that would typically fall low on your list of priorities.

This week—yes, during the busy, hectic, work week—make yourself a priority. You can’t lose if you do. Take some time and invest in yourself because when you take care of yourself, you are most equipped to take care of those around you.


Self care?

Yeah, I’ve got time for that. 

Have a happy & healthy week!