Monday Mantra: It’s Time

We all have a picture in our head. The picture of who we want to be. What we want to accomplish. What we could be capable of, “if only”.

It’s time. Time to drop “if only”. Time to recognize that you already have everything you need to be what you want to be. You already are that person, you just have to let her out. 

It’s true though, letting that person out is not easy. It means overcoming fear, tackling obstacles head on, and finally doing that thing that you have been putting off for days and months and years. Think of it this way though, you can continue to live “if only” or you can remember that your power is in your hands and You are worth tackling your dreams.

There comes a point where we are sick of our bull. Where the excuses can no longer hide. If you have an idea of the person or thing that you want to be, this mantra is for you.



Everything I am,

is everything I need

to be who I want to be.