Monday Mantra: It’s Not So Serious

Although happy and go lucky to the external world, internally I can get fairly intense. Whether I am anticipating an upcoming change or analyzing why I’m not changing, I can find myself quite easily in a spiral of “everything has to work out perfectly,” or “I must pay attention to every-little-detail, all. of. the. time.” Not only does that thought process make for a stark contrast to my mindful practice, it also holds me back from truly enjoying what’s around at any given moment. 

Typically when we hold on tight to a specific outcome, we are attempting to mask certain insecurities. We have to get that job to prove our worth, or we have to look perfect for that event so that people know we are doing well.

In those moments when we the struggle is real and we feel overwhelmed by the need to do everything, let’s remind ourselves, it’s not so serious. We have a place to rest our heads and food accessible at any moment. In the grand scheme of things, the little things we focus on are just that, little things.

This week, take a deep breath, ground your feet, and put a smile on your face, it’s not so serious.


I am alive. 

I am surrounded by love. 

Everything is alright.