Monday Mantra: In Preparation

I love December and all of its celebratory cheer. One thing I’ve noticed about this time of year is the amount of time we spend on preparation; from making shopping lists to baking cookies, the entire month is about making plans. If you really think about it, we spend far more time planning for our holiday events than we do executing them.

Just think about the amount of spare time you pass casually brainstorming the perfect gift for your best friend: you search for the gift, you plan the funds to buy the gift, you purchase, you wrap, and then finally you set the time to give it to her. Once it’s all said and done, you don’t realize the amount of time you’ve spent preparing a gift for one friend because you were happy doing it. Even the preparation itself can feel like a celebration as you get yourself in the festive mood while driving to the store and wrapping the gifts.

As I enjoy the preparation of the season, I am making it my goal to continue to find joy in the acts of preparation far beyond the new year.  Take the focus off the holiday now and think about a goal you’ve been manifesting. Instead of daydreaming about how great life will be when that manifestation comes into your life, release the need to meet the goal and instead spend your time excitedly devouring everything it means to prepare for that goal. The thing about taking true time to revel in preparation as opposed to rush it, is that it takes the focus off the goal and keeps you dedicated to the present moment. You slow down and are able to trust that the end goal will be met with ease because of the care you’ve taken ahead of time.


I release the need to focus on my end goal.

Instead I invest in the present through

enjoyment of preparation.

I trust that when I’m prepared,

my manifestation will be met.