Monday Mantra: I’m Freaking Cray & That’s Okay

Whether it’s the full moon, or just the intensity of life, lately I’ve noticed myself falling into “the cray”—those small parts of self that get carried away by over-thinking, untruths, and too much trust in the ego.

My crazy self has taken over a time or two too much in the last week, but as the mindful practice goes, I’ve been able to witness myself engaging in those crazy feelings. But you know what? I’m here to say something I never thought I’d say. It’s time to stop being mindful. Well—at least for a minute.

When the cray in you is at high intensity, mindfulness can help, but only if you’re truly being mindful. When your emotions are high, you may think your being mindful but instead you end up overanalyzing the situation all together.

I’m not advocating for texting your ex at 3am or going off the deep end into crazy town, but I do think you can give yourself a break.

Your mindfulness practice helps you pay attention to your triggers and weak points. It can help you grow as a human and spiritual being and it definitely brings you back to the core of what truly matters in life. But it can also fuel the crazy—when you’re not clear headed, it can drive you to the want to be perfect or lead you to get down on yourself for not handling the situation like you “should have”.

When you notice yourself diving into “the crazy,” it’s very possible that you’re feeling overly pressured, diving into your mindfulness practice can be another added pressure you don’t need in that moment.

Though your mindful practice can 100% help you in moments of high-emotion and I encourage it most of the time, there’s also a time when it’s okay to take the pressure off yourself and let the cray be cray, just for a short time.

When the crazy is too much, here are a few things I like to do to get back to Self.

Vice it. I give into a vice or two that calms or relaxes me—a tv binge, a bit of shopping, a piece of cake, I enjoy it without guilt. Those vices are there for a reason, they bring a sense of calm and relaxation. Though you can’t rely on these all of the time—and I recommend this approach only sparingly and with vices that aren’t harmful to your health—sometimes all you need is a bit of release.

Leave it. Release it. Do your best to let it go. This is where the vice comes into play. A little distraction can help you get back into a level headed mindset that will ultimately take you out of the intensity of what you’re getting caught up in.

Love it. The exact opposite thing you need when emotions are high is to judge yourself for acting or feeling that way. Be easy on yourself. Bring attention and love to that part of yourself. Ultimately you need to see the love in the situation that is making you crazy, and the first step of finding the love in the situation is recognizing the love in you.

Again, I am by no means saying that it’s always okay to give up, give in, and let your emotions get the best of you. What I’m advocating for here is to take the pressure off yourself. Let yourself be. It’s okay not to learn a lesson 100% of the time, sometimes all you need is time, space, and a gentle approach  to get back to the mindful person you are.

Our world is intense, we can try our best to mindful and monk like and unattached—but we’ll never be 100% there. For all the yogis out there, the cray in me, bows to the cray in you. You’ll learn something from it some time, but for now just let it be.


The cray in me, bows to the cray in you. 

I take the pressure off. 

I am gentle on myself. 

It’s all okay. 

Have a happy & healthy week.