Monday Mantra: I’ll Be Here Again

When I’ve made it to a perfect moment in time, I don’t think “okay, I’m done, it’s finished.” I’m not done, it’s not finished. Instead I relish in the magic that is the moment and I say, “thanks, but I’ll be here again.”

Picture this. I am under the stars and the deep night’s sky, in a warm salt-water tub surrounded by redwood trees. And, I’m being paid to be there. Not only that, but the person who is paying me, believes in me, has invested in me, and challenges me to use and learn new skills daily.

That was me last week. And in that moment I stopped and said to myself, “wow, I did it.” Years prior, working a job I wasn’t proud of and that didn’t challenge me, I dreamed of a scenario similar to the one above. I prayed for it, cried for it, wished for it, and then worked…worked hard… for it.

In that moment I realized, woah—I did it. Like, I really did it.

And you know what? I am going to do it again.

That was my biggest realization. As I stood there in a moment of pure gratitude for where I had brought myself I knew I had two choices. One, I could thank my lucky stars for having made it to a moment that I was proud of, thinking that I’ve made it to “the top.” Or two, I could recognize that as lucky as I was, it wasn’t just luck that got me there. And just like anything else, experiences come and go. This experience will soon be gone, but another one that is just as magical and just as exciting will be here again.

This was powerful for me because it’s easy to get caught up in the everyday. One accomplishment is easily forgotten as we gear up for the next one. So often we can busy ourselves looking ahead, but in those moments of pure gratitude, it’s important to remember that those full-love-proud-grateful-lucky-heartfelt feelings you have are not few and far between. You may be working toward that, but you’ve also had it before.

Remembering that aligns you back with self-confidence, self-trust, and self-love. When you find yourself in a “pinch me” moment, or when you look back to your last “pinch me” moment, remind yourself of all it took to get you there. And then remind yourself that you still have all of those things. That means, you’ll be there, again, and isn’t that amazing?


Of all that I’ve experienced,

one thing has been constant.

It’s me.

Of all that I’ve accomplished,

of all the love I’ve dreamt up,

I haven’t scratched the surface.

In moments of magic I remind myself,

I’ll be here again.

Oh yes, 

I’ll be here again.

Have a happy & healthy week.