Monday Mantra: I Take My Power Back

We must give ourselves our power back. So many times, we look to other people to be our compass.


  • My parents work in jobs they don’t like and my friends work in jobs they don’t like so I accept that it is “normal” to work a job I don’t like.
  • I have always felt “wrong” and “less than” so despite my desire to be a trailblazer, I fall into positions that keep me safe from failure but are less fulfilling.
  • I have always felt less intelligent than those around me so I shy away from sharing my opinion.
  • I am committed to eating healthy, but when my co-worker brings cookies to work I eat them even though I am not craving one.
  • Everyone knows me as playing one specific role, (the she girl, the Stay-at-Home Mom, the bubbly but not serious friend,) but I don’t want to be in that box anymore.

Our insecurities drive us to give the power away in situations that seem to threaten our feelings of adequacy or confidence. We all do it, it’s just to varying levels.

Claiming your power back takes a few steps.

Truth. You may know exactly in which situations you give your power away or it may take a little exploration. If you need a little more clarity sit in silence for a few minutes. Ask yourself, “when do I feel powerless?” it will usually be the first thing that comes to mind.

Decision. Once you’ve identified the situation that you need to claim as your own, again it’s time to make a decision to cut the shit. No, really. We over dramatize situations and problems in our head. The truth is mostly, it’s not so serious. Take the drama out; once you do there is a freedom in realizing that your inner guide knows more than you give it credit for.

Action. Once you’ve made the decision to reclaim your game, go do it. Don’t eat the cookie you don’t really want. Start making an action plan to find a job that fulfills you. Speak up when you typically wouldn’t.

This week make it your mission to reclaim your inner guide, your strength, your power. Go forward with a renewed sense of self and confidence in your capacity to live like you do in your dreams. As Shauna likes to say, “be a badass.” All you have to do is make the decision to do it.


I am the only person in control of my power.

Today, I move forward with the

strength, confidence & conviction

I need to accomplish my dreams. 

I hope your week is super powerful!