“Monday” Mantra: I Still Celebrate!

This week’s mantra comes to you on our metaphorical Monday. As we step into the week after what is typically a hectic, celebratory weekend, energy and focus can be low. On a holiday weekend, we give ourselves that extra boost of energy to pack our 3rd activity in for the day or to bake that super complicated but extra cute and festive dessert all in the name of celebration. What if we extended that celebratory energy clear into the end of the workweek?

When we take time to celebrate, we are cultivating happy and positive energy in the body and mind. When we go back to our daily routine, we have a choice: let our obligations take over the sense of peace and happiness we gathered during the weekend or thrive off of the love to fuel our week. Obviously, we all want the later and it comes from two things: don’t give into the “lack” and don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

The lack. Holiday weekends can get you out of your groove. Maybe you didn’t do your typical Sunday grocery prep or clean the house like you usually do before the week begins. Too bad, so sad. Truly, don’t let the lack of time for your typical “get work ready” this week get you down. Your holiday was your prep, you may have not prepped the house or the fridge but you definitely revitalized and refreshed the mind! Go with that.


I celebrate this entire week,

mundane and exciting.

I do not force myself through my routine.

I am balanced, engaged & energized. 


Happy week!




photo: unsplash.com