Monday Mantra: I Own My Happy

As I prepare each week’s Monday Mantra I get discouraged when the message feels too “typical.” Today, for example, the focus is on self reliance and the reminder that nobody is in charge of our happiness except ourselves. That is a message I’ve been reading since the days of AOL instant messenger and the all-so-familiar inspirational away messages. (90’s teens, you’re all with me, right?) In any case, it is a familiar message but an important one all the same, specifically in terms of our relationship with others.

It is easy to look to our friends for assurance that we are doing the right thing or to our romantic partners to provide what we want but have yet to get for ourselves. When our needs aren’t met, it is much easier to place the blame on someone else than to evaluate the role we take in the outcome, or lack there of. The faster you can come to the conclusion that your happiness depends on you, the quicker the outcome you are looking for will come to fruition. That’s because, in the name of manifestation, action is the golden ticket.

This week, if you find yourself looking to someone else to make you feel the way you want, close your eyes, take a deep breath and repeat the mantra below. Remember, you are strong.


I am free

because my happiness

depends on me.