Monday Mantra: I Honor Myself

What’s one positive behavior that you’re really good at?

It’s a simple exercise, sure, but one that can be profound.

I was asked that same question in a group of women a few weeks back.

My response: I’m really good at making the best out of any situation.

It wasn’t an accomplishment or a quality of my job. It was just an honest to goodness trait that I recognize in myself and am proud of.

It felt oddly good to make that statement to a group of people. Often we’re taught to show humility, to deflect compliments, and to continue to strive to do more. And even when we are celebrated in a group of people it’s usually for an accomplishment—not just a regular, old, daily behavior.

It’s important that we take the time to celebrate ourselves outside of personal and professional achievements. Just like you might applaud a child for sharing or making a thoughtful gesture—it’s important that we also applaud ourselves for the way we approach situations day to day.

We all have those positive qualities about our behaviors and personalities that we do so well but that other people strive for. What’s yours?

Own it! Celebrate it!

It’s easy to get caught in a constant cycle of critical self talk. When we look at ourselves we see what needs improvement, what needs to change, what we could be better at. And though a healthy dose of self-reflection and a thirst to continue to learn and grow is essential to a mindful life, so is the need to stop that cycle and recognize what is already good.

This week honor yourself by answering that question above. Answer it and then celebrate it. If you can—tell it to a friend, post it in the comments below, or declare it proud on your social media feed.

It’s not egocentric to recognize what your good at, it’s part of being a confident, powerful, and understanding human. Celebrate yourself just like you would a friend—it’s important, you deserve it.

I honor the small everyday behaviors that I know I’m good at. 

I celebrate more than achievements, I celebrate myself and I take pride in that. 

Have a happy & healthy week.