Monday Mantra: I Harness Peace

Between world news and personal struggles, I’ve noticed a looming heavy energy running parallel to the holiday cheer of the season. I’ve read comments that remind us to take notice of world situations without turning our backs or forgetting the moment we turn off the tv. I could not agree more, being aware is crucial; but when the news can be so grim, how do we go about our days with happiness, especially during the holiday season? 

A love-filled celebratory week cannot come at a better time. Whether navigating your emotions about world news or coping with conflicts of your own, you can make it your holiday intention to harness the peace generated by our festivities. I’ve always found, despite hard times, the more I can find peace on a personal level the more energy I have to give thoughtful gestures and general good vibes towards strangers and friends alike.

If harnessing positivity feels too ethereal to grasp, all you have to do is make the intention. You may say or write, “I choose to feel the love that surrounds me in my heart, in my body and in my bones. Let me feel it so deeply that I cannot help but spread the feeling of love.” It’s with that mantra that we can spread peace, one intention at a time.


I harness peace. 

With so much love and gratitude for your readership,