Monday Mantra: I Give Myself Space

As I prepare to become a mother in the next few weeks I find myself on a constant teeter totter.

On one hand, I want to do everything I can to prepare for baby. From scrubbing every baseboard in our house 5 times to wracking my brain trying to figure out how to pack my hospital bag perfectly (yes, I’ve spent far too long on this task and yes I do know it’s silly).

On the other hand, I want to rest, relax, and spend these next few weeks focusing on myself, my husband, and my inner calm. I want to soak up quiet time, indulge in peaceful walks, and do whatever I can to take the pressure off myself.

Let’s say that again: take the dang pressure off myself.

Can you relate? Baby or not. Maybe you’re on or have been on that same teeter totter, going back and forth between all that you feel you “have” to accomplish and what you’re body and mind might really be craving—space.

For me one pressure I’ve put a lot on myself this week was to have the perfect Monday Mantra for you today. To be especially relevant and helpful. I know that coming soon I won’t be able to write for a while and so I wanted these next few posts to be particularly mind blowing, because I wanted to be helpful, but also because I was scared that if they weren’t good, I’d lose your readership forever.

Still a fear (#truthbomb) but one I know I can’t put on myself, it’s one that won’t serve me, and certainly won’t serve you, which is my ultimate goal. I can’t force myself to write something perfect because I’m afraid. I can only write what I’m feeling and practicing in this moment because that’s my authentic self here and now.

And you know what? Though it’s scary to admit, there’s so much less pressure. I was able to write this with ease and then I still had enough time to put my feet up, make popcorn, and watch Mrs. Doubtfire with my husband. Balance.

My wish for you is that you’re able to relieve yourself of some pressure and give yourself the space you need to relax, reset, and reconnect with what matters to you today.

I relieve myself of the

pressure to be perfect. 

I connect to my authentic self

by giving her space. 

Have a happy & healthy week.



PS. Here’s a favorite post of mine from the archives, I came across it this weekend and wanted to share it in case it resonated with you.