Monday Mantra: I Don’t Suck

What if when we started something our first instinct wasn’t to doubt it? What if we could have a thought, an idea, or a dream and instead of making a list of all the reasons why we shouldn’t try it, all we saw were possibilities and positive outcomes?

A discerning mind is a good one, but in the face of our own capabilities, we could all use a lot less humility and a whole lot more boldness.

This week’s mantra gives us three words: I don’t suck.

Say it out loud. (No really, do it.) Feels good, right? Freeing.

It might feel comical but the truth is that for so many of us, it’s a worthy reminder. We get caught up in self-criticism, in the need to “be better”—and we replay the past as proof that we can’t do something in the future.

“I’ve never seen any life transformation that didn’t begin with the person in question finally getting tired of their own bullshit.”

I for one, am tired of the “I can’t do it—I’m not good enough” bullshit. I’m sick of it for me—and I’m sick of it for you, too.

So this week, whether you are trying to prove yourself at work, thinking about tackling a new dream, or simply trying to put together a good looking outfit in the morning, remind yourself this. “I don’t suck.” It’s freeing, it’s empowering, and most importantly—it’s damn freaking true.

I Don’t Suck.

Have a happy & healthy week!