Monday Mantra: I Choose Joy

I choose joy. It’s that simple, right? Right—that’s why we’re all walking around wearing smiles of joy all day every day. (Cue teenage eye roll.)

But really, this week I want to focus on joy. And more importantly, the fact that it truly is a choice.

At any given time I can find myself contemplating why I didn’t do something “right”, wishing I’d had another outcome of a certain situation, or getting frustrated about some small detail of my day. It’s not to say that I’m not happy or that I’m constantly grumpy. It’s just that just as most people experiencing life as a human, I can get myself looped into thought patterns that promote stress and anxiety sometimes easier than not. Sound familiar?

So this week—simply—I choose joy. And here’s how I’m doing it.


Or more so, the recognition and acceptance that I have a lack of it. As a recovering control freak, how can I find joy in that thought? I guess at some point you just get sick of walking up hill. Because that’s what you’re doing if you’re being overly controlling of every detail of your life—you’re adding struggle to situations that could be struggle free. The more I put up my hands and allow myself to move through my days without manipulating everything to “turn out my way,'” I am able to more authentically act as myself and therefore more authentically attract what I need. Though this requires a lot of self love, trust, and a strong sense of worthiness—the moment I accept that I don’t have control of most situations, the better that situation turns out. (Read: this does not mean I don’t apply myself or work hard, it just means I am open and receptive.)

The Box

I let go of trying to fit in “the box.” For example, I stop getting hung up on the fact that my living room isn’t insta-perfect or that my life doesn’t look exactly like I think it should. This is the most freeing feeling, and goes with the above statement to let go of control. Sometimes, I like to give myself an exercise: I ask myself, “would I care about this if it were 1981.” For the examples I pointed out earlier, I likely wouldn’t—or at least not as much because I wouldn’t be able to compare my living room or my life to hundreds of other people’s at the drop of the hat. Would I care about this if it were 1981? SO freeing. Social media you do not control my life and I won’t let you.

The Simplicity of Joy

It’s not just slapping on a smile or bypassing a situation in the name of “positivity.” Instead, it’s bringing yourself back to the center of what matters. When I let the above go, I’m quickly able to bring myself back to the simple joys of a given moment. The air on my skin, the breath I drink in, and the sights that are in front of me.

This week I invite you to allow yourself to choose joy.

I choose joy. 

Have a happy & healthy week!