Monday Mantra: I Can Receive

Recently I was among a group of high achievers—I mean, HIGH achievers. CEOs, million dollar entrepreneurs, activists, artists, women. All. Women. All who have accomplished a lot. All who had a lot to say. Words of wisdom, motivation, and courage. But one theme that stretched across the conversations was the topic of worth—and more specifically the lack of worth that we all feel at one time or another.

As you know if you’re a reader of this blog, self worth is one of my favorite subjects. Specifically because it has been of one of the greatest lessons of my life so far. I read about it, write about it, practice it daily. But typically when it comes to the conversation about worth the focus is on getting.

We talk about how to get what you know you’re worth, how to go after it, how to fight your way from the bottom to the top. Those messages are valid, and most certainly part of the process, but they also are one sided. They involve you. You can know you’re worth, you can go after what you want, you can fight your way to the top. You can “get” anything, but to receive, you have to be able to see your worth in the face of others.

I can’t tell you the amount of times I have been proud of something but then embarrassed if anyone else recognized it as good. Sure, my value of my worth helped me get there. But without being able to receive the recognition from others, I wasn’t going to stay in that accomplishment for long. I would go back to my inner-dialogue of unworthiness and fear.

To truly receive the gifts that come from recognizing your worth, your journey can’t be solo. Your practice cannot be internal. You have to take your worth out into the world and stand with it. Be with it. Let it be seen. That is when you’re worth can truly receive all you are working to “get”.



I can receive without guilt

without grip, without shame. 

I can receive in present,

without the wish of more

without the need for a meaning

or a greater gift.

I can receive.

I may receive.

Because I can.

Because I was born with love.

As love.

In love.

And I recognize that.

I can receive. 

Have a happy & healthy week!