Monday Mantra: I Bare Witness

I’ve always described this blog primarily as a place for mindfulness. A space to explore thoughts and think deeper.

What I’ve realized lately is that my primary goal for this blog is to bare witness. To mindfully approach my days by observing, holding back harsh reaction, and allowing experiences to unfold without judgement.

And so, this week’s mantra asks us collectively to do just that. “I bare witness.”

The thing is—to have a mantra to bare witness is not easy.

You have to want to do it.

You have to recognize that to bare witness is a deep mindful practice. One to be cherished. One to be learned. One to be honed and embodied.

And most certainly—one that is not always achievable. Though, even the intent is worthy.

When you attempt to move through your days baring witness to experiences the focus isn’t on the need to fix or control an outcome right away. This approach requires a reserved demeanor that isn’t always possible in the heat of the moment.

To bare witness to something is to allow. Allow a thought, feeling, or experience to unfold and be exactly what it needs to be in that moment. In the very moment, you don’t react or judge. You allow it to unfold.

And then later you think about it. You approach it from a place of understanding instead of high-emotions. But then as a witness of that experience, you have a duty. You have a duty to react—again, thoughtfully—without judgement. Simply to whatever your truth is in that moment.

You might not be the star of the experience—the “champion” of the experience.

And that’s because with this approach you put ego aside. You’re not interested in the optics of an experience, you’re interested in the experience itself and what it has to offer you along this path we call life.

I bare witness. 

Have a happy & healthy week.