Monday Mantra: I am Grateful for My Teeth

Every Thanksgiving, after we’ve eaten, my entire family gathers around to read what we are thankful for. Before dinner everyone fills out a piece of paper and then we all take turns guessing who wrote it. It’s a fun and interactive way to celebrate what we are grateful for. Last year, amongst the typical accounts of thanks was a more obvious but less popular note of gratitude; it read, “I am grateful for my teeth.” Everyone kind of laughed and blindly guessed who could’ve written it.

Turns out, it was my sweet mother. Her message to our family was this: she was grateful for every single part of existence, as grand as our giant family lovingly enjoying a holiday together and as small as the teeth that helped her eat our wonderful meal.

This holiday season as we balance the highs and lows that come from winter celebrations, let’s together remind ourselves of the small things that can be overlooked. I am thankful for my family, for our home, and also for my teeth.


I am grateful for all, 

even my teeth. 

Happy Thanksgiving!