Monday Mantra: I am Gentle with Myself

Over the last few weeks I’ve written a lot about following your inner compass, owning your self-worth, and empowering your inner voice. This week I’d like to focus on something we absolutely need to do if we are truly tuning into ourselves and reclaiming our voices.

We need to be gentle.

When I focus on being a more authentic version of myself it easy for me to put on my perfectionist hat. Once I decide, “I am finally going to do this and take action toward my self-worth,” I start to nitpick myself with the thought that, “If I am going to do this, I have to do it right and it must be perfect”. With that mindset my power mantra lasts a week or two and then it is out the door. Perfection is never synonymous with authenticity and you definitely can’t step into the power of your inner voice without being authentic.


To be fully aware in a situation and stand for what you believe in at that moment. This can be as simple as having ice cream for breakfast because despite what you “know” about a good breakfast, what you know about yourself in that moment is that bowl of ice cream will feed your soul, which in that moment is more important.

Yes, it’s basic, it’s simple, it’s fairly easy. The more we embrace our power on the small scale the more confidence we build in ourselves for when we need to cultivate our power on a large scale. Stepping into your power in a big way, means first giving yourself permission to embrace exactly who you are.


When you are gentle with yourself you forgive imperfections, you get back on the train easily even if you’ve fallen off, and you are honest with yourself when you just can’t give anymore.

This week soften around the expectations you set for yourself. Trust that you’ve made a commitment to be truthful and honor your inner voice so that when she tells you to slow down or back off you will listen. Be mindful of small situations where you can exercise empowerment on a small scale. Remember even the small things like ice cream for breakfast are strengthening the power that is You. 


To honor myself and my highest truth,

I must be strong and I must be gentle.

I honor my strength.

I honor my softness. 

Have a great week!